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So You Desire a Pug?

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So that you desire a pug? However what do it’s essential learn about this cute breed?

If you would like a comical, playful, compact companion, a pug is perhaps the best breed for you.

Pugs are wonderful for novice homeowners. They’re candy, comfortable canines who by no means met a stranger. So in case you’re outgoing too, a pug might be a superb match.

Cute Pug down stay

Learn on. I’ll let you know the constructive–and unfavorable–traits of the breed that will help you decide whether or not a pug’s the best canine for you.

25 Info About Pugs: What’s Good About Them and What’s Dangerous About Them

1. Pugs Are Categorised as Toy Breed Canines by the American Kennel Membership (AKC)

Pugs are comfortable, outgoing canines who love everybody. To them, strangers are simply associates who they’ve but to fulfill. 

They’re very affectionate and good with respectful youngsters, different pleasant canines, and dog-friendly cats.

So if you’d like a giant canine in a small bundle, a pug could also be for you.

2. They Don’t Require a Lot of Train

A few quick walks a day when it’s cool out and a few indoor play will assist hold a pug match. 

Pugs like to snuggle on the couch with their individuals. However it’s essential guarantee that they do get some bodily train as a result of they have an inclination to placed on weight simply.

They’re very playful and clever, so add some enrichment actions  and video games into their each day repertoire. 

Puzzle toys will assist forestall boredom. With a pug, guarantee that any puzzle toy that you simply select gained’t irritate his eyes. 

However most of all, pugs take pleasure in being round individuals.

3. Pugs Had been Bred To Be Companions

When you’re in search of a climbing, operating, or swimming companion, a pug isn’t the canine for you. 

Though energetic, they wouldn’t have the ability to sustain with you and would overheat. They usually don’t normally make good swimmers. 

However in case you’re looking for a pleasant canine who will accompany you on walks throughout cool climate and go on adventures just like the pet retailer, visiting associates, or eating outdoor, a pug is usually a nice companion.

Simply make certain to not feed him your delicacies–they have an inclination to simply placed on extra weight.

4. Pugs Are an Historical Breed, Dedicated to Their Folks

Pugs had been bred as companions for the ruling households in China, courting again to the Han Dynasty in 206 B.C. They had been so cherished, they had been guarded by troopers. 

Some historians imagine that they’re associated to the Tibetan Mastiff.

Dutch merchants within the 1500s returned to Europe with some pugs. 

Legend has it {that a} pug named Pompey saved the lifetime of the Prince of Orange by barking, alerting him of the method of assassins. 

In 1572, pugs turned the official canine of Holland’s Home of Orange. 

Pugs accompanied William and Mary of Orange once they arrived in England to imagine the Monarchy. Pugs then turned well-liked in England,

The breed later turned well-liked all through Europe and had been depicted in postcards, work (even sporting garments!), and collectible figurines throughout the Victorian Interval.

Pugs entered the USA after the Civil Struggle. The AKC acknowledged the favored breed in 1885. 

By the flip of the Century, curiosity within the breed waned. Devoted breeders stored the breed going and the Pug Canine Membership of America was fashioned in 1931 and was acknowledged by the AKC that 12 months.

5. What Does “Pug” Imply?

The idea is that the identify got here from the latin phrase “pugnus,” which implies “fist.”

Though pugs are docile, it was believed that their wrinkled muzzle resembles a clenched fist.

One other legend is that pugs had been so prized by the Chinese language as a result of their wrinkles resemble good luck symbols within the Chinese language language.

A gaggle of pugs is named a grumble. 

6. Pugs Are Standard

They’re thirty fifth in AKC reputation out of 287 breeds. 

As a result of they’re so well-liked, be sure you get one from a good breeder or rescue. Canines from pet mills or again yard breeders are likely to have well being and habits issues.

7. Pugs Require Little Coat Upkeep, However They Are Heavy Shedders

If you would like a pristine dwelling, a pug is probably not for you except you consistently clear up after their shedding coat. Though they’ve quick hair, they shed year-round. 

Use a medium-bristle brush, a rubber grooming mitt, or a hound glove to assist take away the free hair.  Weekly brushing will assist their pores and skin and shiny coat be at peak upkeep. 

They want solely occasional baths once they have a doggy odor or in the event that they grow to be soiled. Often a month-to-month bathtub will suffice.

You have to hold his facial fold dry to keep away from moist dermatitis. And test his distinguished eyes repeatedly to ensure that nothing irritates them. 

You additionally have to routinely test and clear a pug’s ears to assist forestall an infection.  Trim his nails repeatedly.

8. Acknowledged Pug Colours

Each have a black masks.

9. Pugs Could Seem Pugnacious, However Truly Have a Candy Temperament

Pugs are sturdy, with a sq., cobby, muscular physique with a deep chest and a curled tail. Their flat muzzle seems to be extra comical than threatening.

In case you are a gregarious particular person, a pug could be a fantastic companion. A well-bred, socialized, and skilled pug by no means met a stranger. 

The breed normal describes them as even-tempered, charming, secure, dignified, playful, with an outgoing, loving disposition.

10. Pugs Are Small Canines

They stand at 10 to 13 inches on the shoulder and weigh between 14 to 18 kilos.

11. Pugs Are Nice Journey Companions

Pugs drift. They’re adaptable and are simply comfortable to be the place you might be. 

Comical, quizzical, and downright cute, in case you journey with a pug, persons are positive to observe. So that you–and your pug–will make new associates. 

They’re curious and love to fulfill new individuals and go on adventures. So it’s straightforward to stroll your pug in new settings and might even take him alongside in a service or carriage made for canines. 

With smaller canines–particularly brachycephalic ones–I like to recommend strolling them in a harness.

12. Pugs Can Reside within the Metropolis, Suburbs, or Nation

Pugs are quiet canines who not often bark. They are going to solely bark often to warn you to one thing uncommon. To allow them to simply stay in connected  housing. 

The one factor that it’s a must to be involved about is ensuring that they aren’t uncovered for any size of time to temperature extremes. They will rapidly overheat. 

So in case you stay the place it’s typically very popular, simply guarantee that your pug is walked throughout the coolest a part of the day. And that he’s solely taken out for potty breaks throughout the hottest a part of the day. 

Some pug dad and mom even practice their pugs to make use of potty pads.

13. They Have Lengthy Lives

If you wish to have a canine who might be with you a very long time–and who doesn’t–a pug is a superb alternative. They’ve a life expectancy of 13 to fifteen years.

14. Pugs Hit the Massive Time: Enjoyable Info

  • Frank, the speaking pug within the Males in Black films, was performed by animal actor Mushu
  • A pug named Otis within the 1989 film The Adventures of Milo and Otis was initially often known as “Poosky” within the authentic Japanese 1986 model referred to as The Adventures of Chatran
  • Percy the pug is in Pocahantas
  • Doug the Pug on Instagram had greater than 13 million followers. In 2019, he was even awarded a Folks’s Alternative Award for Animal Star.
  • Some pug aficionados even have events the place they costume up like their canine and have pug parades. They like to meet different pug dad and mom.
  • Within the 1814 novel Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, the hero’s mom, Girl Bertram, owned a pet pug who she thought extra of than her youngsters

15. Their Flat Faces Trigger Them To Be Susceptible To Sure Issues

Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, which signifies that their head is each broad and quick, leading to small nostrils, lengthy palates, and a slender trachea. 

This could result in brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome, which can lead to extreme respiratory misery. 

They’re additionally in danger in extremes of temperature–too chilly or too sizzling– and humidity. 

So, if it’s too sizzling out, guarantee that your pug relaxes inside comfortably within the air con and solely goes out for a fast potty break.

Even when it’s too chilly out, simply take him out for potty breaks not lengthy walks. 

Additionally they are liable to loud night breathing and snorting, so get ear plugs in case your pug sleeps with you. 

As a short-muzzled breed, they’re additionally liable to a reverse sneeze through which the canine snorts and gags for not more than a minute or two to clear mucus. 

Although not dangerous, a reverse sneeze is scary to listen to. 

Due to a flat muzzle and huge, protruding eyes, a pug can be liable to eye accidents.

So watch out when taking part in with him and even strolling him that he doesn’t brush up in opposition to one thing that may trigger an damage.

16. They Have Different Potential Issues To Be Conscious of

Just be sure you get your pug from a respected breeder or rescue group. A poorly-bred pug may be liable to many well being issues.

Pugs may be liable to the next well being issues:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis/Pug Canine Encephalitis (NME/PDE), for which there isn’t a recognized remedy
  • Hemivertebra, which might trigger paralysis
  • Again issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Allergic reactions
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Nerve degeneration later in life
  • Pores and skin circumstances, together with yeast infections, staph infections, strolling dandruff brought on by a small mite, and demodectic mange
  • Eye issues together with corneal ulcers, proptosis, progressive retinal atrophy, entropion, distichiasis, and dry eye
  • Respiration issues if chubby
  • Legg-Perthes illness
  • Vaccination sensitivity

A UK examine revealed Could 18, 2022, concerning the well being of pugs, Well being of Pug canines within the UK: dysfunction predispositions and protections, discovered that, due to sure well being points when in comparison with different breeds, “the Pug breed can not be thought of as a typical canine from the angle of its dysfunction profile.” 

Concern about the way forward for the breed led to the conclusion that there are “many crucial health-related welfare challenges to beat for pugs.”

As nice a companion as pugs are, it’s vital to think about these potential well being points. In case your pug will get them, they are often costly–and a few are even lethal. 

A buddy of mine who I traveled with to canine reveals had a well-bred, seemingly wholesome, pug named Rosie. 

Rosie all of the sudden turned ailing in the future. Despite the fact that my buddy took the canine to the very best specialists, they couldn’t save Rosie, who was identified with PDE. 

Fortuitously, my buddy had different pugs who didn’t have the illness, which is considered inherited.

And I’ve skilled many pugs through the years who had been mainly wholesome. 

It’s in all probability smart to get medical insurance when getting a pug. However guarantee that the coverage covers accidents in addition to inherited ailments.

17. Verify Their Eyes Repeatedly To Keep away from Issues

As a result of they have an inclination to get many eye issues and accidents, test their eyes repeatedly for redness or irritation day by day. 

Their eyes are so distinguished they’re liable to issues from mud, pollen, low humidity, and even accidents when taking part in.

18. Pugs Have a tendency To Placed on Weight

Pugs can simply grow to be overweight. So don’t give in to that comical, pleading face trying up at you as you dine. And likewise watch what number of treats he will get.

19. They Have a tendency To Have Dental Issues

As is true with many brachycephalic breeds, pugs are extra probably than some breeds to expertise dental issues. Additionally they can have an underbite.

So common enamel brushing and veterinary care may help forestall dental illness.

20. Pugs Are Extra Costly than Many Breeds

Due to the dimensions of the neonatal cranium relative to the beginning canal, they typically require a C-section for the puppies to be born.

And the Nationwide Breed Membership recommends the next exams for the breeding dad and mom:

  • Eye examination by a board-certified ACVO ophthalmologist
  • Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis/Pug Canine Encephalitis (NME/PDE)
  • Patellar Luxation

21. They Make Nice Remedy Canines

Due to their secure temperament and love of individuals, pugs typically make nice remedy canines.

22. Pugs Want Optimistic Reinforcement Coaching

To stay the comfortable, loving, outgoing canines they’re meant to be, they require coaching that makes use of constructive reinforcement (treats, reward, petting, play). 

They’re clever, delicate canines who want constant coaching. They like to be with their individuals so, in case you hold coaching enjoyable, a pug can be taught quite a bit. 

I used to go to canine reveals with a buddy who confirmed her pugs in aggressive obedience.

Her canines even attained the very best titles–doing scent work, retrieving a dumbbell over a bounce, and responding at hand alerts. They usually even positioned typically!

23. Pugs Are Versatile 

Pugs are clever and might be taught aggressive obedience, rally, tips, barn hunt, nostril work, and FASTCAT (luring).

The sky’s the restrict so long as you guarantee that they don’t overheat or carry out in excessive chilly or warmth.

24. Socialize a Pug So That He Doesn’t Develop Habits Issues

Pugs are naturally pleasant and curious with secure temperaments. However, to succeed in their potential, they needs to be socialized to all that they are going to face in on a regular basis life.

25. There Are Useful Sources To Discover a Nice Pug

It’s possible you’ll resolve to get a pug from a breeder or rescue one.


I’m enthusiastic about getting a pug however have two youngsters. Do you suggest this breed? 

Pugs may be nice with respectful youngsters. They love individuals and taking part in household actions.

It’s essential that everybody interacting with the canine–together with youngsters–watch out to not harm his eyes or again. So no roughhouse or pushing on his backbone.

Are pugs usually wholesome canines? 

When you get a pug from respected breeder who does the suitable well being screenings of the breeding dad and mom, he needs to be wholesome.

When you get a rescued pug, you may in all probability already see his well being standing and if there are present points.

Simply concentrate on the potential well being issues (listed above) that some pugs have. And ask your breeder or rescue about them.

I’ve two pleasant canines, a golden retriever and a Maltese. Are pugs pleasant with different canines?

Sure.  A well-bred, socialized, and skilled pug needs to be pleasant with different canines.

Remaining Ideas

Pugs may be nice companions for the best household. They’re pleasant and have a secure temperament. They usually don’t require a variety of train.

However they’re heavy shedders and are liable to plenty of well being issues to pay attention to earlier than making your resolution. 

Do you may have a pug?

Inform us about her or him?

When you don’t have already got one, has this weblog submit helped you resolve whether or not or to not get a pug?

Inform us about it within the feedback part beneath.

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